Summer Camp for Grades K-7: Make New Friends and Learn New Skills

At the summer camp at the Groton Country Club, children who have completed grades K-7 participate in a variety of sports and activities including, but not limited to, golf, swimming, tennis, and team building skills. Our day campers develop self confidence, learn fair play and benefit from daily social interaction with their peers. We welcome all children of different skill levels and athletic abilities in a summer experience that is safe and fun!

Each week centers around a different theme. Parents can book Summer Camp on a weekly or daily basis.  

Healthy snacks and lunches are included! We aim to make parents' lives easier. We have early drop off, extended care and post-camp family specials at the pool.  Get your summer camp on for the whole family!



Kids will take golf lessons on the putting green, and at the driving range. Our PGA Professional Shawn Campbell and his staff provide instruction on grip, stance, swing, and golf etiquette. Golf clubs are provided.


Summer Camp includes swim lessons taught by our certified instructors. Children are evaluated on Day 1 for skill level. Extra swim time is available on very hot days.

Attendance / Dismissals

Each day, your child should be dropped off with the Camp Counselors at the Pavilion by the tennis courts.  In the case of inclement weather, we will send out an email for campers to be dropped off at Function Hall.

The drop-off window is 9:00-9:10 AM.   In the event that your child is unable to attend a scheduled camp day, please let us know: (978) 448-2564 or e-mail  Daily attendance is taken.  In the event that a child is not present and we have not received notification, we will place a call to confirm the child’s absence. 

Pick-up time is 4:00 PM.  Children are released only into the custody of the parent(s)/caretaker(s) listed on the Camp Medical Form. There is a late charge ($12) for any child not picked up at 4PM unless you have purchased After Care in advance. If there is an emergency and parents cannot make pick up by 5:30PM, please call the golf shop 978-448-2564 or 978-855-9691 or 508-317-1176 to make other arrangements. 

Discount for booking Extended Care at the same time as the Summer Camp.

If Before Care and/or After Care is booked at the same time as the Summer Camp, Groton Country Club will give you an Advance Booking Discount.

  • Add Before Care to your Summer Camp week for $50 ($60 without Advanced Booking discount). Camper day becomes 8:00AM - 4:00PM.

  • Add After Care to your Summer Camp week for $50 ($60 without Advanced Booking discount). Camper day becomes 9:00AM - 5:30PM.

  • Add Before Care and After Care to your Summer Camp week for $100 ($120 without Advanced Booking discount). Camper day becomes 8:00AM - 5:30PM.

Questions?  Please contact

Summer Camp Regulations

The Summer Camp at Groton Country Club is licensed by the Groton Board of Health and complies with all regulations of the MA Department of Public Health.

All camp attendees must have up-to-date immunization and medical history forms on file prior the start of Summer Camp. This form is the standard form issued by pediatrician's offices upon annual exam.  You are welcome to send these in as soon as you register for one camp session.  Only one form per child is needed for the entire summer.  

What to Bring and What Not to Bring

Each day, your camper should bring a towel, swimsuit, change of clothes, sunscreen, sneakers, water bottle and a hat as children are outdoors most of the day. Please label all items with child's name. 

Please note- Electronic devices are not allowed at camp. Campers will participate in activities that stimulate the mind and body. Electronic devices may distract and hinder campers from getting the maximum amount of fun at the Groton Country Club. Counselors-in-Training (CITs) will not have electronic devices at camp. All counselors will have phones with them at all times throughout the day for emergencies. 

Children are grouped into the following age groups:

Group A :          Completed grades K - 2

Group B :          Completed grades 3 & 4

Group C :          Completed grades 5 - 7

CIT Program:   Entering grades 8 & 9

Lunches & Snacks

Healthy snacks and lunches are included in the tuition. 

While subject to change, our usual menu of lunches each week is as follows: 

Monday: Deli sandwiches served with chips and a side of fruit. 

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday! Tacos are served with a side of fruit.

Wednesday: Pasta with meatballs served with bread and a side of fruit.

Thursday: Pizza with chips and a side of fruit.

Friday: Hamburgers or hotdogs with chips and a side of fruit. 

*On the main Summer Camp page, there is a Summer Camp Registration Form.  Please use this form to notify Groton Country Club Summer Camp and our counselors if your child has any food allergies so we can try to make alternative arrangements with the cook. If your child does not like the food options offered or if we cannot offer an allergy-safe option, you are welcome to send an alternative packed lunch from home. 

Counselor-In-Training Program

Our Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program is open to young adults in grades 8-9.



Groton Country Club Summer Camp Registration Form

Please fill out one form per camper for the entire summer!

We must have this form and a copy of your child's annual medical exam with immunization records on file before camp starts.  Thank you!

Child's Name: *
Child's Name:
Child's Date of Birth: *
Child's Date of Birth:
Parent's/Guardian's Name: *
Parent's/Guardian's Name:
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Telephone Where Primary Caregiver Can Be Reached During Camp Hours: *
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Name of Alternate Pick Up Person: *
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Pediatrician's Name: *
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Health Insurance Company Telephone Number: *
Health Insurance Company Telephone Number:
Allergy to plant, food, animal or insect toxin? *
If the remedy is an OTC or prescription medication, please provide original pharmacy container with clear directions printed on the label. If no allergy, please type "n/a"
If yes, please describe below. If no, please write "none" or "n/a" if your child has no medical condition of which we should be aware.
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