Junior Club Championship


The 2017 Groton CC Junior Club Championships take place on a Saturday in mid August. This one-day, tournament is open to any golfer member, non-member, Groton or non-Groton resident.

There is a Girl's Division and a Boy’s Division.
The entry fee is $15 per person payable the day of the event.
The entry fee will be used to provide a cookout for players after the event.
There are no greens fees.  Electric carts are permitted for a fee and parents are encouraged to caddy for their children.

To register for the Groton CC Junior Club Championships please e-mail Shawn Campbell, PGA Professional, at shawn@grotoncountryclub.com

Information required for registration
Player Name
E-Mail Address for Tee Time & Rules Information
Player Gender
Player Date of Birth

Deadline to register is July 31st at noon.


Boys 15-18 (18 Holes) 5,400 Yards
Boys 14 (18 Holes) 4,800 Yards
Boys 13 (18 Holes) 4,800 Yards
Boys 12 (18 Holes) 3,000 Yards
Boys 11 (9 Holes) 1,500 Yards
Boys 10 (9 Holes) 1,500 Yards
Boys 9 (9 Holes) 1,500 Yards
Boys 8 (9 Holes) 1,500 Yards
Boys 7-Under (4 Holes) 400 Yards

Girls 15-18 (18 Holes) 4,800 Yards
Girls 12-14 (18 Holes) 3,000 Yards
Girls 10-11 (9 Holes) 1,500 Yards
Girls 8-9 (9 Holes) 1,500 Yards
Girls 7-Under (4 Holes) 400 Yards
18 Hole rounds begin at 12:00
9 Hole rounds begin at 2:00
4 Hole rounds begin at 3:00

Official tee times will be sent via e-mail to all players in early August.

Cookout begins approximately 4:00pm